This blog was created to track the progress of the 2020 Vision of Richmond’s First Baptist Church.  Each week we will feature a new picture and story from one of our twelve implementation teams as we try to “get some traction” in 2017.  The teams are:

  1. Adult Spiritual Literacy
  2. Children’s Discipleship Blueprint
  3. Youth Discipleship Blueprint
  4. 100 Small Groups Initiative around the City
  5. Broadening our Invitation in the Fan and Scott’s Addition
  6. Lay Led Worship Service at a Time other than Sunday Morning
  7. Establishing Partnerships with and Elementary and Middle School in the Neighborhood
  8. Community Garden at Charlotte Acres
  9. Marriage and Family Enrichment
  10. Building Community through Interest Groups
  11. Building Community through Gathering Places
  12. Communication Team: a) inside the church, and b) outside the church.

Stay tuned for further updates!