What’s Going on with the 2020 Vision?

2020 visionEditor’s Note: Julie Pierce has been on the 2020 Vision facilitation team from the beginning, but recently she became part of the oversight team that is helping to coordinate the many initiatives of the implementation teams.  She was the perfect person to give the church an update last Sunday, and this is what she said (I love the way she described what’s happening as a “movement”):

What’s going on with the 2020 Vision?

I was reflecting recently that – many of you may be wondering about that.

You remember that last year, we met together on 3 separate Sundays over a period of several months to share together – When and Why we came to First Baptist and why we stay; We identified the ministry areas we do well, where we can improve and what ministries should be added and what could be dropped altogether. And, we dreamed and visioned together how we see our church in the year 2020. Hence the name – 2020 Vision…

I can tell you that in my life and in the life of many others here, there is a lot going on as a result of us sharing and dreaming together those 3 Sundays! Twelve Implementation teams were formed through signups, to figure out how to take those dreams for our church and make them a reality. Through collaborative research, discussion, brainstorming, outreach and many, many meetings each team is making progress toward those goals.

While we continue to work through the summer, individual teams will share details of their progress each Sunday so stay close or stay tuned.

AND, when our church family comes together for the One Sunday event on the 10th of September even more expanded reports will be shared.

From going through this 2020 Vision process I believe and know in my heart that God wants Richmond’s First Baptist Church to become a movement, a wave of reconciliation, love and outreach to each other and to our community. These teams weren’t formed for project based ministry opportunities – those we already have and we do those very well – these teams have been working toward the goal for us as a church body to affect the people of this community, our city and the counties where we live in more deliberate ways, through love, acceptance, compassion and service. A wonderful model of this sustainable ministry wave is our Homeless Ministry. We want to be networked and woven into the fabric of our City.

This is such an exciting time in the life of our church. Don’t miss it! Stay close through the summer; join us on September 10th for One Sunday to learn more – and be part of what God has planned for our future together as we continue to try to bring Heaven to Earth.


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