Worship at another time?

five-o-clockEditor’s note: here’s a report from Karen Brown, Captain of the “Lay Led Worship Service at a Time other than Sunday Morning” Team (yes, that’s the real name).  See what she has to say below, and if you’re willing to participate, take the survey!

We met on Feb 26th to discuss alternative worship plans and dreams! We have a lot of energy and excitement about the huge possibilities for this service. Our team formed because there was a need from working members, members who are caregivers, and members who travel, to have a worship opportunity outside of the Sunday morning window. So, we are striving to put together a plan that accommodates those working, caregiving, and traveling church friends. We have a creative group and are excited about the possibility of this worship looking very different than Sunday mornings because it will be lay-led.

We’ve developed a survey for people interested in being a part of this worship service – it’s open to church members and people who need/ would prefer to attend church at a different time. While it always seems like a good idea to offer more services at a church, we want people who would actually be a part of the service to fill out the survey, rather than just folks who think this is a good idea. We want the service to be practical for the people who need it. We will run the survey on the church website, Facebook page, and through other links for about 2 weeks. We will meet again on April 23 to discuss the survey results and where to go from there.

Here is the link to the survey: https://www.quicksurveys.com/s/b5FJw9o


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