Getting Koozie with our Neighbors

10KEditor’s Note: Justin Griffin is Captain of the 2020 Vision implementation team tasked with “Connecting with our Neighbors in Scott’s Addition and the Fan.”  Here is his report on a recent effort to share some First Baptist love with spectators at the annual Monument Avenue 10K race. 

Our 2020 Vision Team is tasked with connecting with and sharing the love of Christ with our neighbors (particularly those in the Fan, Scott’s Addition, and the Museum District). In our initial meetings we have not only brainstormed many potential projects, but the ideas have been on a wide scale from building individual relationships, to sharing what First Baptist already does, to large scale projects that could share the love of Christ with all our Richmond neighbors.

One such project idea was to take advantage of the fact that thousands of “neighbors” would be literally lining the streets of our neighborhood for the Monument Avenue 10k this past Saturday. We thought it to be a great opportunity to introduce the church to our neighbors and invite them to help us in our journey to better Richmond. After all, you cannot connect and share anything with people who don’t know you exist.

koozie.jpgTo accomplish this, we had koozies made informing our neighbors of a couple of the many many ways First Baptist works to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Richmond, VA and invite them to check out ways they could get involved in helping us. On Saturday at the 10k, our team and other volunteers worked throughout the race to connect with our neighbors by giving away 450 koozies and 20 cases of water to spectators because well, spectators need to stay hydrated too.

We hope that in a small way we were able to begin the process of better connecting with those in our neighborhood.Hopefully at the very least, the church will now be extending an open invitation to them to come share in the amazing work that First Baptist Church does on a daily basis each time they slide that koozie on a drink.


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