A Movement or a Project?


The Adult Formations Team met for the first time on Sunday, February 19, and there was a lot of energy in the group.  Of course, this was an orientation meeting, but we talked about the difference in a movement and a project and we all agreed that we want deepening adult formation to be a movement.

We overviewed all that is currently being offered by First Baptist Church and affirmed the efforts of the discipleship team who has been working with Steve Booth for several years.  What we hope to bring to the effort is sequence, intentionality and metrics.  We envision a broad curriculum for adults at different levels of faith.  And there must be integration of Sunday School, missions (the “putting-our-faith-into-practice” element) and discipleship offerings (individual, group and class).

The group has homework assignments to do internet research on resources and current approaches to faith formation.


Recap: at our first meeting February 19 we introduced ourselves and shared our reasons for volunteering for this work group.  Without exception everyone person shared his/her commitment to discipleship and his/her desire to see FBC take formations to “the next level”.  After reviewing our task, Steve Booth overviewed current activities and offerings in the area of adult faith formation.  It became clear that we will not be starting from scratch (something we all knew) but will be building on a firm foundation of previous and current efforts.  Our hope is to bring intentionality and sequence to our formations efforts while preserving the balance of head, heart, and hands.

We also discussed the difference between a project and a movement and all agreed that we want adult faith formation be a movement that expands, grows and outlives our team’s work.

The team was divided into work groups with assignments to do web research on what is out there in terms of approaches and resources for discipleship.  We will report our findings at the next meeting.

Everyone was encouraged to visit our church website and review both the 2020 Vision Plan and the current adult faith formation efforts.

Our next meeting is March 26 following 11:00 AM worship for a working lunch.

–Submitted by team captain, Mike Harton


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