Partnering with Local Schools

albert hillEditor’s Note: This is a report from Raylene Harton, Captain of our 2020 Vision “School Partnership Team.” Listen carefully as you read: you can almost hear her enthusiasm!

The School Partnership Team has gotten off to a fantastic start!  Our first meeting was Sunday, February 19.  We had 16 of the 18 members present and it was an exciting introductory meeting.  After some get acquainted activities we divided into four groups to discuss the differences between project-based initiatives and movement-based initiatives.  Then we talked about how to organize our efforts.

After about 45 minutes of animated discussion we came back together and discussed how to begin. All agreed that we needed to focus on one or two schools  at first. Since we already have a First Baptist presence at Albert Hill Middle we decided to start there.

I asked the group to focus their thoughts between now and our next meeting on how they could best be used and what their interests are.

On Wednesday Sue Atkins and I met with Ms. Sears, the principal at Albert Hill who is super excited about our church’s involvement.  We decided that it would be best if we planned to begin in September to give us plenty of lead time to prepare.  In the meantime she will prepare her teachers.  Ms. Sears also called the principal at John B. Cary Elementary School and he is delighted that First Baptist can help him as well.

On March 26 we will meet as a team again with the two principals and talk about plans and possibilities.  My email response from the team has been amazing.  We are looking forward to what may bubble up on the 26th!

–Raylene Harton


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