How Do We Build Community?

mothers-day-paddle-group-2Editor’s Note: This is a report from Anne Ball, Captain of the implementation team that is working on “Building Community through Interest Groups.”

On Sunday, Feb 26, 2017, nine brave individuals from varied backgrounds, stages of life, spiritual walks, and various First Baptist Church groups, came together to embark on a journey to “Build Community Through Interest Groups.”

After discussing a summary of the data collected from the church meetings held in 2016, the team began developing a charter by using the 20/20 Implementation Team’s suggested objective: to facilitate the process and opportunities for connecting people with common interests.

A prayer of discernment seemed to be the best place to start.

With an overwhelming feeling of a monumental job to complete, each agreed to research an aspect of the current picture of the activity and groups sponsored by First Baptist Church. To form a foundation by making a list of the groups and organizations using the facility, by discovering the method of how to secure a room and use the food service, by finding out what printed literature is available, by identifying relational relationships, established partnerships, and potential partnerships, and by investigating the channels to use to publicize events, they began to decide what would result from this knowledge.  Perhaps a new publication with details about activities at First Baptist.  Perhaps a form listing tips on how to create an interest group.  Perhaps a “flash meet up” with the goal of getting people together will be the deliverables.

Contacting people to find what interests them and to find out how they like to communicate what is happening while adding a human touch element to all activities was a consensus.

By March 12th, all collected information will be dispersed to the team members so that they can take time to pray, study the data, think, and create suggestions so that a process can formulate where First Baptist Church is a central meeting place differentiating it from a community center because God is placed at the core of its community. First Baptist offers all ages with various life status an opportunity to be nurtured within through radical hospitality for all walks of life at various addresses through well run, reliable, wholesome programs in preparation to pass on this foundation to future generations. Homework for the members include: praying, completing their tasks, and talking with at least one person who is in a group at First Baptist to discover what they like about their group, what should be added or changed in their activity, and what interests them.

Hopefully, we will have many interesting stories to share at our next meeting, which will be on March 26th at noon.

–Anne Ball


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